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released September 25, 2015

Recorded by Mark Tucker at The Green Room, Devon, 2015.
Produced by Mark Tucker and Phillip Henry
All lyrics: Hannah Martin, except Yarrow Mill: Hannah Martin and Phillip Henry
Photography and concept by Hannah Martin.
Graphic design by Ken Ansell at Clinic. Artwork by Whitney-Anne Baker.


all rights reserved



Edgelarks: Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin UK

Edgelarks fly in on the tailwind of BBC award winning duo Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin. The new band name comes with a new project, taking the roots of their previous work - British traditional musics, Indian classical slide guitar, stomping roots beatbox harmonica party; adds a strong stem of original writing; and runs wilder with each gig. Edgelarks will be launched Autumn 2017... ... more


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Track Name: Watershed
Cloud breaks, and the rain comes
Climbing up Coniston
Foot sore, and drunk on the cold clear air
Lingmoor was first for me, rising out of the valley
The mountain has eternity, but I am here for now, here for now

Watershed, here the rain must choose which side to fall
Which side to fall

Back down the hillside, we take the paths that fit our stride
And the river rolls our weary sighs away to the sea
Then city streets and traffic flow, crossroads passed we come and go
Down paths that only we may know
True for now, true for now


In grand old rooms the men all talk
Cutting corners, fighting wars
Keeping it behind closed doors, swept under the rug
But up above there's angry skies, and down below the tides will rise
And we will choose our own side, which side to fall
Which side to fall

Chorus x2
Track Name: Stones
Chance your arm, pick a stone
Let it fly, let it go
When it hits, then it starts,
Don't be surprised at the marks

Out here on the storm beach
In beyond the sea's reach
The wind has left it's scatterings
It's outlaws and it's broken things

Pick a pebble from the beach
The sea will leave a few in reach
Break it open, play the game
Right to it's heart, it's still the same

Call it right, call it wrong
I cannot sing a different song
Though you break me right in two
This vein it runs the whole way through

Take a throw, pick a stone
Cast it well, that first one
Make you sure it finds it's mark
For you left me standing in the dark

Take your sticks and take your stones
Tired of breaking weary bones
Let them rest and let them love
Wherever they may choose to love

The umbrellas are all closed you see
Against the marriage of the moon and sea,
They've decided it's unnatural and
Not all love is equal

Heavy weather coming down
So chase your neighbour out of town
Point your finger, lay the blame,
Make sure your world stays the same

And spit your fear in forked tongues,
At anyone it lights upon
You're someone borrowed, someone blue
Someone borrowed, someone blue

Water rising while we wait
Who knew that love could lead to hate?
Your stones they make the water rise
We'll all be lost below the tide

Curse the wind, curse the rain
Tearing down the weather vanes
Blame anybody but yourself
For the weather's sickness, and it's health

Verse 1 reprise.
Track Name: Tonight
We've been fighting
We've been striving all our lives
I've seen the sorrow
I've seen the trouble in your eyes

But tonight, there's a moon on the hill
Tonight, the horizon is wide
Tonight, the earth is warm
Tonight our hope lights the sky
Track Name: Yarrow Mill
It was windy that day
I caught your hat before it blew away
You didn't need to thank me

We were married next spring
The old and the new, the bells did ring
How the loom did sing

We didn't need to make a fuss
Happy with just the two of us

Down by Yarrow Mill

We'd not long seen a war
God only knows what that was for
Then it's back to the factory floor

And so and sew
Cotton it comes, and cotton it goes
Better the devil you know

We didn't like to make a fuss
We'll get by, now, there's three of us

Down by Yarrow Mill x2

Time goes by so and sew...

Smell the coal smoke and the rain
I'm back on South Avenue again
But the house is not the same

You didn't like to make a fuss
But your smile lives on now with all of us

Down by Yarrow Mill x4
Track Name: Conkers
A breakfast surprise I find on my plate
Oh, you found me conkers, out there in the night
That I might join in with the game, with the game
That I might not be left out of the game

They polish up like brass, autumn's finest these
Oh had I known, the weapon I had there
Would I have smashed them, just as I pleased?
Would we have smashed them just as we pleased?

Heavy in my palm, treasured gifts from one who leaves
Oh had I known, how the years increase the weight
Would I have returned them to the tree?
Perhaps I'd have returned them to the tree.
Track Name: January
January looks both ways
The year ahead, the year that's dying, and this,
The parting of the ways but not for want of trying
We rise to face the day, alone although together, so
Kiss me when you leave, and pray for better weather
Pray for better weather

January comes in cold, and dreams of ice make no suggestions
I've heard the crying wind called wise, but he begs only questions
I try to turn away, you hand me the white feather, so
Tell me when you leave, and pray for better weather
And pray for better weather

A new year comes again, I hear the revelry beginning
But here we find ourselves at the end, and neither of us winning
For here the pathway forks, here the ties must sever,
Don't look back when you leave but pray for better weather,
Pray for better weather.
Track Name: Letter (unsent)
There were so many craneflies that year, they kept coming indoors
And we couldn't remember which albums were mine, which were yours
I should've told you to keep every one,
Since I don't want to think of you, after you're gone

The birds were all flocking to fly away somewhere warm
The sky was purple and bruised, ready for the storm
Yet a corner of golden, way out to the west
Told us that summer had only just left

Dust from the fields rises slow, like I can hold back time
Mist climbs the hill from the river, just to cover my eyes
Last time I saw you, you were running again
You said you'd be in touch, but you didn't know when
Track Name: Foundling
A cold railway station
They've never been here before
They'll never be here again

And the precious load they carry
It breaks them, it's so heavy
They know they have to set it down
Though it is a part of them

Foundling, oh foundling
Lost at the beginning
But you've found that you don't know your own strength
And you'll never be lost again

They came here for a better life
They came here for a secret
They came here to leave with hands clean
To return, to begin again

And who knows what it cost them
But we know what it cost you
An overcast morning
And more than your share of rain


Was your mother very young?
Swept up in some first love,
Alone, and then you came along
And she had to make herself alone again

And was your father a gambler?
I'm sure he liked the horses
But perhaps he kicked the habit
When he lost his greatest bet?


And I think I can see your father
He's kneeling, yes he's praying
To a god in which he does not believe,
Who gave him his reason for travelling

And I think I can see your mother
She follows you through your years
In her mind, a phantom life
Her eyes are a bit like mine

Chorus x3
Track Name: London
We will go to London
Smoke the air, dark the road
For London is surely better,
In London we will set down the load

We will go to London
Cold the air, wide the sea
It's London or the laundries
In London goodbye at least is free

We will go to London

We will go to London
Salt the road, salt the sea
The city is for forgetting
For the parting of you and me

We will go to London
West to east and flesh to stone,
I'll wash my sins in London
I will return alone

I could give you nothing but a name
And the distance to keep you from
The Sisters of Magdalene

London can be a cipher
For all the things I'd like to say
London can hold this message
To you after I go away

We will go to London
Milk in my veins, salt in my eye
Blood may thin and names may change
For the parting of you and I

I could give you nothing but a name
And the distance to keep you from
The Sisters of Magdalene

I once was one, but now am two
Best for both to be free and be parted
Though the best part of me will stay with you
It's best for both to stay free and be parted

London is a million futures
I can see you now, when you are grown
Picking them like flowers
Making your way home x4

I once was one...
Track Name: Taxis
Walked past all the taxis, waiting at the station
Said goodbye to the safe job, to the house I'll never own
Got in your battered car, with no destination
So here's to the journey love, here's to the road

Here's to the road x3

Driving up the m5, with fifty miles before us
Thinking I am made of all the things I've lost and I've found
The cars hum around me, like some dusty chorus
The birds watch us from on high, just hanging around

Hanging around x3

Some towns I forget, some towns I remember,
I look at the map, count the places I've known
Sometimes we're driving, and sometimes we're playing
I'm a friend of the west wind, he carries me home

Carries me home x3

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