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If you had seen my dearest, and his eyes they shine the clearest His cheeks like the red blood that's new dropped in snow He is neat, tall and slender, and his hands soft and tender He'll be my greenwood laddie wherever he go My parents, my darling, they slight you with scorn Because you have no riches wrapped up in store But the more that they slight you, the more I'll invite you To be my greenwood laddie, till time is no more For if I had the wealth of the East or West Indies Or if I had the gold of the African shore Or if I could gain thousands, I'd lie on your bosom You'd be my greenwood laddie whom I'll always adore It's down yonder bower I've spent many the long hour A-pulling the flowers by yon clear winding shore It was his stolen kisses caused my fondest wishes He'll be my greenwood laddie, and the boy I adore
Twas over the hills, twas over the hills Twas over the hills and the valleys Where my true love was kept from me Quite out of spite and malice I went unto her father's house Enquiring for my jewel They answered me, She's not at home She's in her uncle's keeping I went unto her uncle's house Enquiring for my jewel They answered me, She is not here Which proved to my heart cruel This fair maid hearing of his voice Put her head out of the window She said, My dear you're welcome here But locks and bolts do hinder Locks and bolts do hinder He stood a moment all in amaze All in amaze and humour Till at length he drew, and in passion flew And the door he broke asunder Her uncle's servant he being at home Soon after did he follow He said, Young man you must quit this room Or in your own blood wallow He took his true love all by the hand His sword all in the other Said he, If you have more right than I, Take one and fight the other Take one and fight the other And now this couple in wedlock are joined They do adore each other They oft times think all on that day When the door he broke asunder When locks and bolts did hinder When locks and bolts did hinder
Henry Martin 04:32
In merry Scotland, in merry Scotland There lived brothers three And they all did cast lots which of them should go A robbing all on the salt sea The lot it fell upon young Henry Martin The youngest of the three That he should go rob on the salt sea To maintain his brothers and he He had not sailed a long winter's night Nor yet a short winter's day Before he espied the king's gallant ship Come sailing along that way How far, how far, cried Henry Martin How far are you going? Said he For I am a robber upon the salt salt sea To maintain my brothers and me Stand off, stand off, the captain he cried The lifeguards are aboard My cannons are loaded with powder and shot And every man hath a sword For three long hours they merrily fought For hours they fought full three And many a blow it dealt many a wound As they fought on the salt sea Twas broadside against broadside then And at it, the which should win A shot in the gallant ship bored a hole And the water did rush in Bad news! Bad news for old England Bad news has come to the town The king his vessel is wrecked and lost And all his brave soldiers drown Bad news! Bad news through the London street Bad news has come to the King The lives of his guards they all be lost O the tidings be sad that I bring Oh had I a twisted rope of hemp A bowstring strong though thin I'd soon hang him up to his middle yard arm And have done with Henry Martin
With my dog and gun through the blooming heather To seek pastime I chanced to stray When a maid I spied, she was tall and slender Her looks enticed me a while to stay I said, fair maid, I own I love you Tell to me your name, and your dwelling also Excuse my name, sir you'll find my dwelling By the mountain stream, where the moorcocks crow If you'll consent, and go with a rover My former raking I will leave aside I'm doomed to love you so don't prove cruel But do consent, and become my bride If my parents knew that I loved a rover It's great affliction I would undergo In a dungeon dark they would close confine me By the mountain stream where the moorcocks crow It's crimson coloured all her features She stood awhile but was not dismayed Then here's my hand, love I'll pledge my honour And it's I'll prove true, til I meet my grave It's hand in hand we will roam together And I'll escort you to the plains below Where the linnet changes his notes more pleasant By the mountain stream where the moorcocks crow
For it's up a wide and a lonely glen It was shed by many a lofty mountain It being onto the busy haunts of men It being the first day that I went out a-hunting For it's been to me a happy day The day I spied my roving fancy She was herding her ewes out over the hills And down amongst the curling heather Her coat was white, and her gown was green Her body it being so long and slender With her cast down looks and her well-fared face It has oft-times made my heart to wander Says I, my lass, will you come with me And sleep with me, in a bed of feathers? I'll give you silks and scarlets, to make you shine If you will be my queen among the heather She said, my lad, your offer's fair And I really think you are all for laughter For it's you being the son of a high squire man And me but a poor humble shepherd's daughter But it's her I sought, and it's her I got And it's with her I intend to be contented Fare you well, fare you well, to your heathery hill Fare you well, fare you well, my song is ended.
Come write me down the powers above That first created a man to love For I have a diamond in my eye Where all my joy and fancy lies I'd give her gold, and I'd give her pearls If only she'd fancy to be my girl And all such costly robes she'd wear If only she'd fancy to be my dear Oh it's not your gold would me entice To leave my friends for your advice I never intend to marry at all Nor be at any young man's call Then go your way you scornful dame Since you prove false, I will do the same For I don't care, but I shall find Some other fair maid to ease my mind So he picked up his hat, he was going away She said, don't go, young man, but stay Stay, oh stay, my heart is true I will never love any man but you So to church they went, the very next day And were married by asking, as I've heard say And now that girl, she is his wife She'll prove his comfort day and night
As I roved out on a bright May morning To view the flowers and the meadows gay Who did I spy but my own true lover As she sat under yon willow tree I took off my hat, and I did salute her I did salute her courageously But she turned around and the tears fell from her Saying, false young man you have deluded me Three diamond rings, sure I own I gave you Three diamond rings to wear on your right hand But the vows you made love, you went and broke them And married the lassie who had the land If I married the lassie who had the land my love It's that I'll rue until the day I die When misfortune falls, sure, no man can shun it I was blindfolded, I'll n'er deny And at night when I go to my silent slumbers The thoughts of my true love run in my mind When I turn around to embrace my darling Instead of gold, sure it's brass I'll find And I wish the Queen would call home her armies From England, Ireland, Americay and Spain And every man to his wedded woman In hopes that you and I may meet again
As I walked out one May morning To hear the birds so sweet I hid myself in a green shady dell And I watched two lovers meet You courted me, was what she said Til you got me to comply You courted me, with a merry, merry mood All night with you I lie And when your heart was mine, false love And your head lay on my breast You could make me believe by the fall of your arm That the sun rose in the west I wish your breast was made of glass That all in it might behold I'd write our secret on your breast In letters made of gold There's many a girl can go about And hear the birds so sweet While I, poor girl, must stay at home And rock my cradle, and weep There's many a star shall dwindle in the west There's many a leaf below There's many a curse shall light on a man For treating a poor girl so I could sing as lonely a song As any little bird in a cage Who twelve long months astray has gone Just fifteen years of age
Oh I sowed the seeds of love For to blossom all in the spring I sowed them on one May morning While the small birds they did sing While the small birds they did sing Oh I locked my garden gate And I choosed for to keep the key Till some young man came a courting me And he stole my heart away And he stole my heart away Oh the gardener was standing by And I asked him to choose for me He chose me the lily, the violet, and the pink All those flowers I refused all three All those flowers I refused all three Oh the violet I did not like Because it would fade too soon And the lily and the pink I fairly overlooked And I vowed I would stay till June I vowed I would stay till June For in June there grows a red, red rose And that is the flower for me Oft times I have plucked at the red rose bud Till I gained the willow tree Till I gained the willow tree Oh the willow tree will twist And the willow tree will twine And so will that false deluded young man That once stole the heart of mine That once stole the heart of mine Oh come all you fair young maids A warning take by me For the grass that you oft times have trampled under foot Give it time it will rise again Give it time it will rise again


This album was handmade at home during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020. We were halfway through a tour when COVID-19 shut down the world, and we hurried home feeling disconsolate and afraid. Soon, we were worried about more than just the disease; when would we ever be able to gig again? Every day we would hear about another venue that would never reopen, another promoter who was hanging up their hat. We mourned for the wonderful festivals that would struggle to survive, and for not only our fellow musicians, but all the amazing folks “backstage”, whose careers were being destroyed – booking agents, roadies, publicists, sound and lighting techs, managers.

However, as the days passed in a strange, featureless desert, we were hugely moved by how supported we were being, by listeners subscribing to our Bandcamp, ordering cds, refusing refunds for cancelled gigs, and tuning in to our online concerts. Suddenly we realised we had been given a rare gift – time. Ironically, life on the road allows very little space for actually making music. But now, we could practice, develop our musicality, learn new songs, make new things.

Such an abrupt change from our daily touring life had left us with a sense of lost identity. If we weren't out there playing music to people, were we still musicians? This feeling sent us back to our roots. We decided we wanted to celebrate that mighty survivor, the tradition itself, tenaciously clinging on down the years. The world might feel like it is ending; but you need a song to sing for every occasion, and there the tradition can help you. What is more, essential to that survival is also evolution; taking old songs and attempting to breathe new life into them, with new musical approaches. We have focused on a more upbeat selection here, because this is an album about overcoming – about learning to do it yourself because you can't get the usual help; about not giving up; about not stopping playing, even in the face of disaster. This is an album that looks back, to hundreds of years of music making in these islands – but that also looks forward, to a time when we can overcome the distance that separates us, and raise our voices together once more in song.

Hannah Martin, August 2020


released December 11, 2020

All songs traditional arranged by Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin.
Recorded, produced, and mixed by Phillip Henry in the Brazil Room, April – August 2020.
Mastered by Mark Tucker and Matt Taylor at ARC Studios.

Artwork and graphic design by Sam Cooke at monitorstudio.co.uk

Hannah Martin: Vocals, Fiddle, Viola /5 string fiddle, Tenor guitar, banjo
Phillip Henry: Vocals, Dobro, lap steel, National guitar, Chaturangui, harmonica, beatbox, banjo, acoustic guitars, electric guitar, bass guitar, tenor guitar, percussion, shruti box and samples.

With thanks to everyone who has supported us throughout lockdown, especially our Bandcamp subscriber community. You can join them at philliphenryhannahmartin.bandcamp.com/subscribe

For bookings please contact: vicky@firebrandmusic.co.uk or amanda@firebrandmusic.co.uk



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Edgelarks: Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin UK

Edgelarks fly in on the tailwind of BBC award winning duo Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin. Combining soulful original songwriting with deep folk roots and influences as diverse as Indian classical and American blues, this duo produce a sound like no other. ... more

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