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Landlocked 04:42
Give me a wave, give me the rolling sea I once was lost, but at least I was free Refrain I saw the world from between the stern and prow I sailed the sea, but I am landlocked now Born by the sea, always the sea at my side Meaning the end of things, the end of earthly ties For me, the salt, the wind and the wave For me, the horizon, the start of a new day Refrain I had two men, two men of constant sorrow They gave me rings, their names for to borrow I gave them girls, to take their sorrows on But they heard the bell toll, and could not hold on Refrain I sewed the shirts, and I loaded the guns I sewed the wounds, fought as hard as any man But I am no man, and for this my voyage ends Lest I bring bad luck, I must walk on earth again Refrain They fear bad luck on the brine But the bad luck is all mine For to be born a woman is to be born Swimming with your hands tied And these small souls, hauled from the sea I carry them with me through the streets I sell them off, with the loud cries of the game But I whisper to them, our fate has been the same For I once was a wave, I once was the rolling sea Deep as the ocean, free as the fish were free But I was caught, I was hooked somehow, And now all my song is, I am landlocked now I am landlocked Give me the sea, with it's endless shifting change I run from the earth, which will always be the same I'd rather live, and face the storm, and drown, Than just exist, and be buried six feet down.
No Victory 04:42
There's no words on my tongue No notes to your song Oh my dear, the drought has come They've fenced in all your skies No greetings, only goodbyes There's no day after today Only the long and winding way There's no return, no turning back Only the stumble down this long track There's no words on my tongue No notes to your song Only closed shutters behind your eyes There's no welcome, only goodbyes You say, say my dear, the day is won But there's no victory, there's no victory So go, go, count your dead There's no home, no place to rest your head The battle over, the river dry No more to say, no more tears to cry No beginnings, no winner's thrill To them the spoils, to us the kill No clean hands, no place to hide To us the hollow of the day that we all died.
Signposts 05:30
We left our home, We went out wandering We came to a valley, On the other side of the world There's a lady in the valley, She's built her life from apple trees The strongest, sweetest wood, Their roots run wondrous deep She walks with the earth, The fruit grows strong upon her trees These branches could hold me here On the other side of the world Chorus Everybody's looking for a signpost Everybody wants to know How far they have come How far they still have to go I'm fifteen miles from Paradise But I'm heading on down the road I'm only five miles from Nowhere Else And I'm a long, long way from home There's Joy, out walking With Bluey in the fields, Yes, Joy here is thriving On the other side of the world I never thought I'd miss the rain Of another, colder harbour But my bones remember I was born On the other side of the world Chorus There are songs I am singing Of greeting and remembering The paths that I have walked On the other side of the world There are songs I am singing Of greeting and remembering Perhaps one day I will return To the other side of the world Chorus
Undelivered 07:15
I have gone away, I knew you would not wish me stay My fairweather friend Though I would write you back again You came with the sun, you left with the rain x2 Chorus So I send what I can, that careful words may move a man Though I send you my love, it lies there undelivered I carry what little I can, the pen and paper in my hand The plans that we had laid, the beginnings of the child we made Though ink may stain, ink may fade, Ink may bring you back again x2 Chorus Your son is coming soon, he'll be delivered by the stars and moon I will write you once again, tell you of his eyes, tell you his name Though the letter will lie and not be claimed For you came with the night, you left with the day x2 Chorus There's a trunk somewhere in store, keeping our secrets by the score Three hundred years or more, our letters' silent, ceaseless roar From desperate hands, our secrets spilled Our letters sit, unanswered still x2 Chorus All the things this life sends, all the beginnings, all the ends To be lost inbetween, an uncollected, long lost dream A lonely voice amongst the stream Unanswered questions meet the air And leave you neither here nor there They leave you neither here nor there Chorus
Yarls's Wood 03:47
I walked through the hard lands Dreamed of forests green I walked through the deserts Prayed for trees Then I came to this country Land of hope and glory Then I came to Yarl's Wood And I dreamed no more of trees A tree has many branches Reaching for the sky A tree has roots that run deep Shelters many different lives Then I came to this country Mother of the free Then I came to Yarl's Wood And I dreamed no more of trees I made the choice, that is no choice And so I left my home Perhaps to find some new nest Now that my own is gone Then I came to this country They cut the corners from the sky Then I came to Yarl's Wood And no more dreamed I.
Caravans 06:03
When first we met, we lived out of town By St John in the Wilderness We were living by the air We didn't need to stop or rest We were playing at gypsy living Walking barefoot out on the road Looking for the deer by twilight We didn't care what was bought and sold It was a small disused caravan, And we filled it with guitars Who needs walls of concrete, When all you want is to look at the stars? And when the crash came, it didn't matter, for we thought Those were the chains we'd refused, And losing it all isn't something you fear When you have nothing to lose Losing it all isn't something you fear When you have nothing to lose You had to walk up the hill for water, And one night as I was washing plates I heard a sob from the corner, And I never will forget her face, she said We were normal people, Two jobs, a house, and three kids Then the crash came, and took it all, And now it's eighteen months we've lived like this It's eighteen months we've lived like this A dream can come and light you up A dream can drive you with it's will Dreams can give, but dreams can take Dreams can live, but dreams can kill A stranger came to Exmouth town, Dreaming of a life of wealth Did he know a fortune is always built On the bended back of someone else? A stranger came to Exmouth town, He played the game so well you see What did he know of caravans? What did he know of you or me? A stranger came to Exmouth town He saw the houses built on sand The rich they dream their money grows, What do they know of caravans? What do they know of caravans? A dream can come and light you up A dream can drive you with it's will Dreams can give, but dreams can take Dreams can live, but dreams can kill Dreams can live, but dreams can kill...
Estren 03:15
I'm a stranger in this country, from America I come, There's no-one here does know me, they do not know my name I'm a stranger in this country, I'll tarry here a while And then I'll ramble further, for many a long while Some say that I am rakish, and some do call me wild; Some say that I am rakish, and many maids beguiled; But to prove that I am loyal, come on sweet love with me; I'll take you to America, my darling you shall be. Oh give my love to Polly, the maiden I adore, And give my love to Sally, although she is so poor, And give my love to Betty, my love and my delight; My love likewise to Hetty, I dream of her at night. The moon shall set in darkness, the stars shall give no light, If ever I deceitful prove, to my dear heart's delight All in the midst of ocean, shall spring the myrtle tree, If ever I unfaithful prove to her that goes with me.
Iceberg 04:26
Iceberg, collecting lives beneath the sea Iceberg, collecting bones down in the deep Iceberg, blind as snow, white as grief Iceberg, so many colours hidden underneath And then you hide, beneath the sea And the tide washes over me Iceberg, she says you've changed, you keep her warm Iceberg, so where's the melt? Where is the thaw? You say it's fine, no marks can be seen You say she's alive, because she's breathing I'll find an icebreaker Iceberg, but she'll learn to swim, she'll learn to dive Iceberg, she'll dive deep, and then you cannot hide And so I sing, as the boat goes down Who will swim? Who will drown? And so you hide beneath the sea, You've tried, you've tried, but you won't have me And so you hide beneath the sea, She'll dive, she'll open her eyes and see
Said the Jay, he was my brother, Though we had feathers of a different colour Though his land was different from my own, And from different eggs we had grown Still, he was my brother, And we mourn him just the same Chorus Once we dreamed of wings, the lightest secrets of flying things Now earth holds us down, and we close our eyes But just as all who fly, with wings unclipped they should see the sky I will let the tears roll, for all who fall Said the Jay, we'll sing the song Of all his loves and his battles, his whole life long All the air he held beneath his wing, All the joy he did bring We'll sing his song, And we'll mourn him just the same Chorus Said the Jay, hear me scold, To bring all our kind to the memory of his soul, A stranger, or friend, you have never known From a distant land he may have flown Still, hear me scold For we'll mourn him just the same Chorus
Borders 05:01
She walks across the mountains Leaving footprints that get swept away I cannot see her face, I do not know her name The world has only made it's turn Five times beneath her feet They carry her when the miles are too long for the day Chorus Could you tear the map apart? Erase the borders where they start These lines we draw in the sand Are only made by human hands Children of the shadows, Of the borderlands Their parents' sent them, because to hope was better than to stay Chorus Five year olds they learn to read, Five year olds learn wrong from right Five year olds they sleep outside, and skip borders in the night And it's only by some lucky chance Some accident of birth That I only know another side of this earth Chorus Repeat verse 1.
As I was a walking one morning at ease A-viewing the leaves that had fell from the trees All in one motion appearing to be And those that had withered, they fell from the tree Chorus What's the life of a man, any more than a leaf? A man has his seasons, so why should he grieve? For though in this world, we appear fine and gay Like the leaves we must wither, and soon fade away If you'd have seen the trees but a few days ago How beautiful and green they all seemed to grow A frost came upon them, and withered them all A storm came upon them, and down they did fall Chorus If you look in the churchyard, there you will see Those that have passed like a leaf from the tree Age and affliction upon them did call Like the leaves they did wither, and down they did fall Chorus
Down in the good earth I will lay me low When my roots are deep, and tall I have grown All the scattered seeds of my windblown days Their new shoots show I am not far away Though each tree must fall, it's seeds will grow By the seasons' turn, new leaves will show We are the brief and enduring clay The small gods of the undiminished day In the scatter of the forest floor, in the deep leaf mould, Something new for something old Ancestors of our common ground Turn something lost into something found We are the cold air, the empty space Our time is short in this hurried place But we grow on old wood, we are the links in the chain In the deep and good earth we do remain


definition: Edgelark (verb) – to sing about or from the margins

This album is about transitional spaces. Liminal places, people and times, the straddling of boundaries and thresholds; crossroads and borderlands; travellers and refugees; dusk and dawn. The pause between an old way and a new. The idea that, despite often being places of marginalisation, these are also places of change – and therefore places of hope. That, when social norms break down, when you are between two established worlds, there is a chance for new perspectives. That in the end, we have far more in common than things that divide us, because we are all liminal – we are all standing on the threshold of tomorrow. We are all just passing through.


released October 6, 2017

Hannah Martin – lead vocals, banjo, tenor guitar, fiddle, viola, shruti box
Phillip Henry – vocals, Dobro, Weissenborn, Chatturangui, harmonica, acoustic and electric guitar, tenor guitar, electric lap steel, shruti box
John Elliott – drums, percussion, piano, Moog synth, harmonium
Lukas Drinkwater – electric bass, double bass
Niall Robinson - tabla

Recorded May 2017 at Cube Recording, Cornwall.
Produced by Phillip Henry and John Elliott.
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Gareth Young.
Assistant engineer Matt Conybeare.

All lyrics by Hannah Martin, all music by Martin / Henry, except What's The Life of a Man? and Estren, trad. arr. Martin / Henry.
Photography and sleeve design by Elly Lucas.


all rights reserved



Edgelarks: Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin UK

Edgelarks fly in on the tailwind of BBC award winning duo Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin. Combining soulful original songwriting with deep folk roots and influences as diverse as Indian classical and American blues, this duo produce a sound like no other. ... more


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